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by 7 Foot Midget

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It’s not a fucking lack Of intelligence It’s not a by-product Of a limited vocabulary Lack of artistic Inspiration I think not I’ll say whatever the fuck I want You can insult my intelligence Until your face turns red But first think of the stupidity Of creating words that cannot be said Why does it offend you to hear it? Your mind is already closed, why not your ears? No one is making you fucking listen Or agree I don’t care what you do Instead of shit, you can say “poo” Just don’t expect me to do it too Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… etc.
I wish I could be like you No worries, no regrets But that's just not who I am Live the day for today There’s no tomorrow And no turning back I apologize - I just can’t close my eyes Responsibility has got me by the balls Something’s holding me back Tomorrow is a predator Just one step behind But it never catches up Obedience caused By consequence Enslaved into submission Well, the paved road ends here Goin’ off the beaten path Skydiving - minus the parachute Tightrope without a net
Uninvited 02:33
You might think it’s wrong But don’t hate her for what she’s done You’re s’posed to love her unconditionally Till the end of time She didn’t know it’d get out of hand Your new grandson wasn’t part of the plan So she let you down Just forgive her and move on With your brand new life It just might work out You did all you could Don’t do more than you should In her time of need How dare you turn your back and cede She’s gonna need support To get her back onto her feet If she had known what her actions would bring She’d have zipped up, and kept herself clean Just open your mind, try to understand Your new grandson wasn’t part of the plan
Hardly had a chance She wipes away a tear from her pretty eyes Tries to hide Doesn’t want to let on Crying is a sign of weakness and she’s strong So she says Things won’t change So much easier to say that nothing’s wrong Like the wound that doesn’t hurt ’Til you see the spreading crimson on your shirt Ignore it, it’ll leave you alone So she says Abandoned in the cold Fragile heart of hers hurt one too many times Not again Learned her lesson now You won't have shattered dreams if you don’t dream So it seems Don’t need you Don’t need anyone, she’s just fine on her own Trust is not in her vocabulary She's lost faith in humanity Swear she’d never like another guy With all the pain no wonder why But she’s watching life go by And sometimes when she’s all alone It feels like she’s against the world Disappointment's worn out its welcome Don’t push me away
I don’t date Mormons I don’t date Mormons I don’t date Mormons ’Cuz they don’t date me!
Christine 03:12
From the first moment I saw her I felt my pant pockets getting tight I knew just who I would be dreaming of in bed that night She's got the nicest legs, she shows ’em off but she’s no slut She's got all the curves, she’s even got the nicest butt I got it all planned out we’re gonna get married someday The only problem is she doesn't even know my name Christine - she’s the finest chick at my school And you know it’d really be cool If she’d go out with me Christine - you'd never see me frown I’d be the happiest guy around I’d be so lucky I can’t keep my eyes off her long blonde hair, enticing eyes Whenever I’m around her I can’t walk I’m paralyzed I would do anything and everything to make her glad I think about her all the time, man, I really want her bad All the guys would say, “Well, there goes Nick, check out his chick!” They’d all be so jealous, they all want her to suck their dick
In this world I can’t find my understanding All others way aside Under every rock I look but none is found All others weigh beside me And I wonder where and when I’ll find my understanding Without using and losing understanding… and I’ll wait *waiting* Time - where has it gone? It’s flying by and I don’t have wings I need to get a job So I can get on with my life
Deadbeat Dad 03:06
Your average man of thirty-nine Unfaithful husband and father of five Spends all of his time at work adding up sums Always worked better with numbers than he did with his sons He’d rather be at work Than at home with his family Hell, isn’t he the one who pays for what they need? He’s gotta make ends meet ’Cuz money don't grow on trees He’ll be home late tonight - got a project due A presentation to give, a meeting to go to A workaholic to the max, he never has a free moment One day he’ll stop and wonder just where all the time went One day he wakes up, but the nightmares still linger He’s just like his father he thinks with a shiver Once upon a time ago he vowed he would not turn out this way But he became the thing he hated most anyway Why did he waste his life away?
Yeah, I love the USA The greatest country in the world Where we have the freedom to do what we want Just as long as it’s what the government wants us to do Where all men are created equal Just some more than others But aren’t we all brothers? Yeah, I love the USA I’d die for it any day I’m sure it’d do the same for me some day I support the country that lets children starve And people die in the streets Just as long as none of them are me Hoist the flag red white and blue I’m so proud and you should be, too Of the country that gives us free speech Just as long as we don’t try to use it to impeach Where we drive on a parkway And park on a driveway Where you can have it your way Yeah, I love the USA Host to racism and poverty Land of the free, home of the brave I have the privilege to recite the pledge Of allegiance every day Too bad no one understands what it says
Old enough Yet still wet behind ears In between teat and wean Pushing me Out to sea Anchor still strapped on feet Break away, still at bay Uncertain Where do I go now? All I’ve ever known Been right here at home Flailing And failing the test Feelings unexpressed Fell out of the nest Please catch me I’m falling Training wheels Abandoned now for good On my own Great unknown All alone And I’m alone to make my bed
Miracle Grow 02:54
What if I woke up today And found my memory had slipped away And all those nights we spent together Were gone from my mind forever Everything you showed me The beauty of love Emotions that felt so good I wouldn’t know of Stuck in a dark corner A plant has no way to grow It needs light like I need love And you are my window You opened your heart to me A feeling so foreign and new Which helped me open my heart too And realize I love you Realization complete Took a little time but now I see That depending on somebody else Is not as bad as loneliness feels I can’t live a day Without thinking of you So I write this song to say Whatever we go through I love you You opened up my eyes Showed me where my heart lies
When they came, we were ready With atom bombs pointed towards the sky Panic swept across the nations You could see the terror in their eyes Can’t you see? The aliens are invading It’s gonna be them or me I’m making sure it won’t be me I gotta retain my right to be free So the war raged on We didn’t know what was going on And the streets ran bloody red If we’d only been aware They’d come to see if we could spare Just a slice of butter and some bread They didn’t come to steal our children You’ve had it wrong from the start They didn't come to destroy us They came asking for our help But it’s too late now We were too narrow-minded Now we’re forever binded by This treachery we’ve done Who’s to blame?
Mom and Dad, this one’s for you How does it feel To see your proud foundation fall? Fucked up family The brick wall That you built so proudly Tumbling down in shame The same old story Rotting me away From the inside out Mom and Dad, this one’s on you Your crystal ball Didn’t see this one coming Everything’s just fine Ignore the crime Nothing can make you fall Your reputation’s scratched Tarnished with the truth The “serpent” slipped right through And there’s no going back Once you’ve seen the truth Your futile efforts to train them in tradition Have only given way to mutiny Always falling short of expectations But there’s no falling from disgrace I’m not coming home
I think you can figure this one out...


released June 15, 2001




7 Foot Midget Nevada

7 Foot Midget was a punk band that played innovative music laced with thought-provoking lyrics. The by-product of four nerds with a strong DIY work ethic, 7FM formed in the summer of '97 and called it kaput in 2004.

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