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by 7 Foot Midget

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Yeah, I love the USA The greatest country in the world Where we have the freedom to do what we want Just as long as it’s what the government wants us to do Where all men are created equal Just some more than others But aren’t we all brothers? Yeah, I love the USA I’d die for it any day I’m sure it’d do the same for me some day I support the country that lets children starve And people die in the streets Just as long as none of them are me Hoist the flag red white and blue I’m so proud and you should be, too Of the country that gives us free speech Just as long as we don’t try to use it to impeach Where we drive on a parkway And park on a driveway Where you can have it your way Yeah, I love the USA Host to racism and poverty Land of the free, home of the brave I have the privilege to recite the pledge Of allegiance every day Too bad no one understands what it says
I wish I could be like you No worries, no regrets But that's just not who I am Live the day for today There’s no tomorrow And no turning back I apologize - I just can’t close my eyes Responsibility has got me by the balls Something’s holding me back Tomorrow is a predator Just one step behind But it never catches up Obedience caused By consequence Enslaved into submission Well, the paved road ends here Goin’ off the beaten path Skydiving - minus the parachute Tightrope without a net
When they came, we were ready With atom bombs pointed towards the sky Panic swept across the nations You could see the terror in their eyes Can’t you see? The aliens are invading It’s gonna be them or me I’m making sure it won’t be me I gotta retain my right to be free So the war raged on We didn’t know what was going on And the streets ran bloody red If we’d only been aware They’d come to see if we could spare Just a slice of butter and some bread They didn’t come to steal our children You’ve had it wrong from the start They didn't come to destroy us They came asking for our help But it’s too late now We were too narrow-minded Now we’re forever binded by This treachery we’ve done Who’s to blame?
I don’t date Mormons I don’t date Mormons I don’t date Mormons ’Cuz they don’t date me!


released March 10, 2000




7 Foot Midget Nevada

7 Foot Midget was a punk band that played innovative music laced with thought-provoking lyrics. The by-product of four nerds with a strong DIY work ethic, 7FM formed in the summer of '97 and called it kaput in 2004.

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